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Welcome to Mobile Mojo Media Solutions, Inc.

Mobile Mojo Media Solutions, Inc. makes it easy and affordable for small businesses to have have an impressive and highly effective mobile presence. Our company concept was designed with small business in mind, and we work closely with you throughout the process to ensure you find the right solution for your business. We are dedicated to providing affordable solutions to help small to medium size businesses take their business truly mobile.

We are licensed developers for Apple and Google. We build native apps for iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones and tablets. Our apps are available for download on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. We also specialize in responsive web design. We develop custom apps at a very affordable price (cheaper than newspaper, magazines and other print mediums), putting your business right into hands of your target consumers on the go, when they want and need the information. 

Although we live and work in the Palm Coast and St Augustine area we can design apps for any market or location.

In addition to custom apps and websites for business we will be launching a few directory style specialty apps and a digital publication - focusing on the food & dining industry and sports, fitness & healthy living.

Our core philosophies and guiding principles...

The underlying philosophy behind Mobile Mojo Media Solutions, inc. is to spread good mojo! We are all about positivity and building people and business up. Our desire is to run our company in a way that creates a win-win situation for all parties involved in the process. We strive to be fair and equitable at all times and deliver a product that exceeds expectations.

Communication is vital to successfully achieve the goals of our company and clients, so we try to be available and to communicate up front and openly at all times. Please feel free to ask questions or for clarification of you don't understand any party of the process.

We strive to bring passion, creativity, integrity and excellence to all we do.

Meet the owner and mojo creative master ;)

Who am I?? I have always been the creative type. I love art, drawing, painting, making crafty things, and all things visual. I always knew I wanted my career to be doing something that allowed me to express my creativity and also appease the social butterfly in me. I am also very much a self-starter with an entrepreneurial spirit.

I studied Advertising & Psychology in college. I am fascinated by what motivates people and makes them click. I love reading and the pursuit of knowledge. I especially am interested in areas of personal development. I am very much a think-outside-the box kind of girl. I don't really fit into any kind of cookie cutter mold. I love brainstorming and coming up with ideas and new/different ways to do things.

Even though I have a Bachelor's Degree in Advertising and a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology , I am mostly self-taught. If I am interested in something I read, take tutorials, study and learn it. I'm human, NOT perfect and happily own my mistakes and shortcomings. I do tend to be a perfectionist though and give everything 100%. I'm an all or nothing kind of girl. I always try to do my very best at everything I attempt. This way I sleep well at night and my customers can rest easy that I will give them 100%.

I've spent the bulk of my career in the niche marketing/publishing/advertising industry. After a brief stint working behind the scenes at a modeling agency, I started my career with Day Communications, Inc. in Nashville, TN on the ground floor publishing Nashville Parent Magazine - one of the most successful and award-winning local parenting magazines in the USA. I went on to work for several other publications, before eventually starting my own nationally award-winning publication, Kentucky Families Today.

I worked freelance for many years doing marketing and advertising for many different types of businesses including a long term relationship with a group of car dealerships, several construction related businesses, photographers, real estate agents, etc., so i'm very familiar with the marketing needs of a multitude of industries.

I am an avid runner. I've been running since I was 12 years old and being a runner is woven into the fabric of my being. I've ran six full marathons (that's 26.2 miles each!!), eleven half-marathons (only 13.1 miles each), two 200 mile relays, two 50 mile relays, four 15ks (9.3 miles) and too many 10ks and 5ks to even count. Running is my time to connect with my spirit, to meditate and get my creative juices flowing. It's almost a spiritual experience for me. The dedication it takes to get my runs in is something I try to apply to all areas of my life. I get up at 4:15 am most days to ensure I get my runs in. I run in the dark, rain, the heat, the cold whatever mother nature divvys out. I even ran a half marathon in a tornado!! No kidding.

Fit living, sports, fitness and healthy lifestyles are what I am most passionate about so I am hoping to draw to me customers that are in these industries because I truly believe my passion will allow me to serve them best.



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