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Custom Mobile Apps

Custom native iPhone, iPad, and Android mobile apps designed to reflect your image and branding.

Mobile apps provide one of the biggest advantages available to organizations and small businesses. They capture your customer on an extremely personal level and allow you to control their experience with the information in your app. An app, unlike a website or even a mobile website, keeps your customer always with your app, therefore preventing them from finding your competitors.

More Questions?

Click on the questions below and detailed answers will appear. :) Call us or email us for pricing or if you have more questions.

By custom mobile app we mean a native mobile app available for download on the App Store and on Google Play designed specifically for your business or organization which reflects your branding, your message and allows you to directly connect with your customers. Once your app is live you will be able to update and manage all your content to keep it current and relevant!

As a business owner, an app will help you get your business in front of buyers while they are on the go; give you instant communication with your customers and vice versa; keep customers engaged and set yourself apart from your competition stuck in the past using outdated methods to reach a more technologically savvy consumer. 
Did you know that according to a recent study, 80% of adults age 18-44 check their phone first thing upon waking in the morning before any other activity?? In fact, studies show that individuals look at their phones more than 150 times per day!!!  Considering there are over 800,000,000 Apple and Android smartphones currently activated in the United States, that's a lot of people checking their mobile devices!! 

So ask yourself these questions below … and then decide for yourself:

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1. Do I have recurring regular customers?
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2. Do I need to communicate my message to these customers on a regular basis?
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3. Would I like to engage these customers more often and thus drive more sales to my business?
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4. Do I want to make it easy for my customers to find me and engage with my business?
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5. Do I have great content I'd like to share with my customers to educate, entertain or otherwise enhance my customers lives?
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6. Would I like to give my mobile customers exclusive offers and invite them to participate in special loyalty programs, thus driving more customers to my business?
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7. Do I have times when I need to urgently and instantly communicate with my customers? (for example soccer practice is cancelled tonight due to lightening?)
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8. Would I love a way to instantly drive traffic to my store on days when business is slow?
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9. Would I like a way to sell my products or have customers sign up online?
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10. Do I want a competitive edge over my competition?
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11. Would I like to engage more with my customers via social media and have them easily be able to share and promote my app and business?
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12. Would you like a powerful way to give more value to your sponsors?
If you answered yes to most of these questions... then a mobile app is definitely right for your business. Call or email Mobile Mojo Media Solutions today and lets get started!!
It's a fact, more and more people are using mobile devices to find local businesses than ever before, quickly surpassing the use of desktop computers and even laptops.  If your business isn't mobile your customers are finding your competition that IS! Consumers seem to prefer apps over any other medium, spending upwards of 90 minutes per day engaged in apps on their mobile devices. Smart business owners are choosing apps as their new must have marketing tool to give them an edge over the competition. 

Here's some ways an app can help grow your business :

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Push Notifications!!
One of the best features an app offers is Push Notifications!! Push notifications from your App allow for instant communication between your clients and your business, no more waiting on other slower forms of media to reach your clients.  Our notifications are geo specific allowing you to easily target certain segments of your customer base. You can send out special offers any time you'd like to drive sales to your business and even have a coupon or special offer pop up if a customer drives or walks within a certain distance of your location! Imagine the possibilities that means for your business!!
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Detailed Analytics!
Another amazing features an app offers is detailed analytics that let you know how well your app is working, you don't have to take anyones word for how great this media is… you can see for yourself! 
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Your own mini-billboard!
Another huge benefit,  your icon on their phone acts as mini billboard always reinforcing your brand in your clients mind. Remember, they look at their phones upwards of 150 times per day and we all know what they say about repetition! 
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GPS Driving Directions & One Touch Calling!
Another great feature - GPS driving directions and one-touch calling allows customers to easily find and communicate with you. It's like a living business card available at the tap of an app!
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Super Simple Social Integration!
Social Integration is super simple and easy with an app! We build it right in so it is much easier to engage and intreat with your customers via social media. Thus creating a viral marketing source for your business.
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Update your content INSTANTLY!!
This is a HUGE benefit … no more waiting on slower forms of media - for example waiting until the next newspaper comes out, or the next edition to the magazine you are advertising in, or hoping your customers are listening at the exact moment your radio spot or tv commercial runs. With an app you can update your content and it is reflected almost instantly! Then you can send a push notification to let your customers know to check for new content! It's that easy.

The best part? You can do this yourself using our simple and easy to use CMS (content management system) you don't even need us to help with the updating!
If you find yourself reading this and saying "All these facts an figures are very convincing, but there's no way I can afford a custom app. My business is just too small." Think again! Mojo Mobile Media Solutions has the solution!  We develop custom apps at a very affordable price (cheaper than newspaper, magazines and other print mediums), putting your business right into hands of your target consumers on the go, when they want and need the information. You will find your investment easily pays for itself.
To be very honest we aren't looking to sell apps to just any customer. We want to make sure an app is actually the right step for your business and not just to make a sale. So we have identified the type of businesses we think an app works best for (and that we want to work with.) This will ensure an amazing experience for all parties involved in the process. Our ultimate goal is happy customers that happily refer more happy customers. You get the picture.

Right now we have decide to focus on helping the following business categories:

Churches - any church or non-profit organization
Sports Team - organized sports teams and leagues
Health & Fitness Related Businesses - gyms, yoga studios, cross fit programs, bike shops, running stores, surf shops, etc.
Salons & Spas - salons, spas, barber shops, massage therapy, etc.
Restaurants - restaurants, pubs, delis, dessert shops, yogurt shops, etc…
Specialty Retail - boutiques, niche market specialty shops with unique products & offerings.

So what if my business doesn't fall into one of these categories?
No problem we can most likely still help. Just email us or call us and lets chat to see if we are the right fit for your business. We want to make sure we are able to give the very best to our clients and knowing and understanding about your business helps us to do that in a way that allows us to keep to our high standards an maintain our integrity that we are doing right by our customers.
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Directory Style Mobile Apps

Not ready for your own custom app but still need a mobile solution? A directory style app might work for you!

Unlike a custom mobile app which is all about just your business, a directory style app is another awesome way to go. It's a more affordable solution as it allows your business to share in the cost of the mobile solution with businesses similar to yours, yet you still get most of the amazing benefits of having a mobile presence. They are also available for download on the App Store and Google Play.

We are starting out offering two directory style apps focusing on restaurant/dining and health and fitness.

Flagler FitLiving will be launching soon.

We have plans to add several other directory style apps in the future.
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An active mobile presence.
Well the obvious benefit (besides giving you a mobile presence) is your business is present and accounted for along with all your competition. Imagine how much business you could lose to a potential competitor if you aren't included.
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GPS driving directions and one-touch-calling.
One of the best feature of mobile is the instant interactivity that allow customers to easily find and communicate with you - like GPS driving directions and one-touch calling.
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Someone else (Us) handles the app's marketing.
We do all the marketing of the app for you. Mobile Mojo Media Solutions has a very aggressive plan to market our directory style apps and get maximum downloads. We will be actively marketing via signage, print, and of course, social media.
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Get a little taste of the power of mobile.
Participating in a directory style app is a great way to get a little "taste" of incredible power of mobile to see if it's right for your business. A listing is very affordable and wait until you see how well it works! I know you will be amazed. Here's a special offer - if you decide to participate in one of our directory style apps and later decide you want a custom app for your business or organization so you can take full advantage of all that mobile has to offer - we will deduct the cost of your listing fee from the development fee for your custom app!
We are very excited about our first directory style app, and plan to add even more in the future. In the beginning our directory style apps will be focused in the Florida market - because that is where we live. Once we get these live, perfected and successful then we plan to find partners in other markets that are interested in bringing these apps to their area.

Up first is Flagler Fit Living - an amazing app that is dedicate to encouraging healthy lifestyles and fit living Flagler County Florida! One of the best benefits of this app is the information is all local. Yes, we realize that there are tons of other national apps out there, but you have to wade through so much other non-related information, advertising, negative reviews and junk that it becomes stressful just using the app.

Our goal was to create an app with a much more personal look and feel. It's fun, sassy and chock full of the great local info you want. Since I've started working on the app I have had so many occasions where I wished it was live and ready for use I can't wait to start using this app myself.

So if you own a health or fitness related business this might be the way to go. A listing is very affordable and wait until you see how well it works! I know you will be amazed. Here's a special offer - if you decide to participate in the Flagler Fit Living app and later decide you want a custom app for your business so you can take full advantage of all that mobile has to offer - we will deduct the cost of your listing fee from the development fee for your custom app!

This is where my true passion lies. I am an avid runner, marathoner and fit living enthusiast and am so so incredibly excited about this endeavor. The app (and eventually a digital magazine) will be powered by advertising from local health and fitness related businesses, and will provide users/readers with an amazing resource to find local fitness and active living opportunities. The magazine will take national health and fitness related topics and bring them down to a local level with all the latest national resource combined with local resources and opportunities.



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